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     Have you played any fantasy sports or at least heard about them? They are set to rival casino online games and apps, as more sports fans are turning to them for a chance to win real cash. So, if you are looking for more fun and excitement in online betting, try downloading and playing in a fantasy cricket app in India.

    Some app will even let you play cricket fantasy instantly with practice contest,s so you don't have to immediately bet any real money to get started. That way you can also try your hand at playing fantasy cricket contest without any serious commitments, and drop it if you don't like it.Practice contest can also help you understand how fantasy cricket works and master the game,so you can have more confidence when you play in real contest with real money.

    If you find the fantasy cricket app in India to be satisfying then you can be on your way to winning real cash.Go for the app that can let you withdraw your winning instantly through your bank (Make sure IMPS is enabled)or a Paytm account.Some apps even come up with free cash bonus after installation,and you can use it to start betting or withdraw it.Condider a fantasy cricket app that comes with a reliable customer support team to offer assistance when you need help with anything. Beside letting you play cricket fantasy,the fantasy cricket app let you enjoy other activities,such as a quiz contest which also let you win real money.The question are based on a particular match and the user with the most correct answers will win first rank and prize money In case of a tie prize will be equally distributed between the winners. 

    Fantasy cricket is a legal way to make money online, and you have more chances of earning with good knowledge of cricket. IPL 2020 will start in a few months, so you can expect more users to start playing a fantasy cricket app in India. Some apps come with a chat feature to use during a live match and after the match. Chat with opponent teams and discuss your favorite topics about the match.